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There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


A really good way to learn about the candidates for Idaho District 16 is to host a house party. If you would be willing to invite your neighbors into your back yard to allow District 16 candidates to meet with them, we would be very thankful. We want to learn what their concerns and issues are. We want to answer their questions and invite them to ask them.

If this is something you are willing to do, please contact me at to schedule a date.

Candidates for District 16

Senate - Dennis Mansfield

House 16a - Mark Montoya

House 16b - Jackie Davidson


The campaign for Idaho District 16b will be full of door-to-door, calling and talking to people to get to know the people in the district. 

Volunteers are needed for the following important tasks.

1. Door-to-door surveys.

2. Phone calling people in District 16.

3. Messaging - sending texts.

4. Social Media contributions.

If you would like to contribute your time to this important race, please conatact me at

I'm convinced that if we are to return normalcy to our state, we must vote every Democrat out of office.

I appreciate your vote for me for Idaho House District 16-B.


If you are unable to volunteer your time, your donation is greatly appreciated. Invest in signs and advertising to get recognition for not only Jackie Davidson, but for others who are running for Republican office.

Join the Don Richards Campaign

Jackie Davidson

Boise, ID 83704

Legislative Candidate District 16b

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