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Freedom and Liberty are important. Keeping America free is crucial. We are in a battle for liberty. The realization that if we give away our rights, we will never get them back encouraged Jackie Davidson to run for Idaho Legislature District 16-B. She is passionate about keeping freedom and rights for every Idahoan.


Jackie has lived in Boise, Idaho for 40 years and has seen the city grow from a small town conservative community to a thriving city. Her passion is to keep Idaho conservative and free. Jackie has been a small business owner with her hand on the pulse of Boise and Idaho. This has given her an insight to the freedoms that are being taken away by the more liberal politicians. As she sees the destruction and mayhem that has enveloped the country, it is Jackie's drive to keep the chaos out of Idaho.

Jackie is currently a Precinct Committeeman for District 1612 and Secretary of District 16 Republicans. She is a conservative Republican who will work to keep Idaho great and free. She is for less government, lower taxes, family values and personal liberty.


Your vote for Jackie Davidson on November 3, 2020 is appreciated.

Jackie Davidson for
Idaho District 16-B Legislature
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