We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The key word in the Declaration of Independence is the word Rights.

We should never give up our rights.

If we do, it is likely we will never get them back.



Parents should have a direct say in their children's education. They should have the right to school choice through charter schools and school vouchers for private schools. Teachers are hard-working individuals who care about their children and should be respected and paid well. I believe school curriculum should be monitored for liberal agendas such as PreK through 6 grade sex education. 


Gun ownership is a fundamental right given us in the Constitution. I will oppose laws regulating guns. I do, however, agree that background checks should be provided to keep guns from being sold to criminals.


I voted against Medicaid expansion. I believe health care should be affordable for ALL citizens of the United States. The insurance companies rates are too much for individuals, families and business owners. In addition, many doctors are not trained in handling illnesses caused by mold and autoimmune diseases. Naturopathic practitioners are healing these illnesses. Yet, insurance won't pay for this medical treatment.


We live in perilous times with rioting and destruction happening in states around us. It is extremely important that we do NOT defund the police. We should be bolstering and encouraging our police force for the protection of the people. While I am not against counselors going with police on domestic calls, they are not trained to replace the police. 


I believe women have a right to their body. I also believe that right is determined at the moment of intercourse. At conception, the right transfers to the child. That living, growning child has the right to life. I am, therefore, against abortion, especially as a form of birth control.  I also believe that the father has a responsibility to the child and should be a part of the providence.


I would like to see property taxes based on the purchase price instead of valuation. This gives people who have worked hard to pay off their homes into retirement a way to afford the house. Property taxes are increasing and I am opposed to increased property taxes.


Reduced government gives more rights to the people. I am for small government, small taxes and people treated equally. I believe in personal rights as oppposed to government mandate.